• I wish to explore Singapore with my friends!

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Abdillah's Wish

“I wish to explore Singapore with my friends!”

With few opportunities to travel out of his neighborhood in Simei and more so after he was recently diagnosed with end-stage renal disease, Abdillah’s wish was simply to take a closer look and explore Singapore’s city with his closest friends.

The wish granters planned a unique way for Abdillah to explore and experience the city - a Segway Tour with exciting missions in an Amazing Race-style. It was designed for Abdillah and his friends to go on an adventure in Singapore and get a chance to experience it differently.

His wish day started with a premium pick-up from his house to the first stop (and his favourite shop) - Uniqlo at Kallang Wave Mall. He was given a warm welcome by the Assistant Store Manager at Uniqlo as well as a $100 gift card for his next visit. He was then brought to the staff room where he was told he will be meeting with a fashion stylist, little did he know it was his favourite influencer, Fauzi (from SGAG) that he’s meeting! He was pleasantly surprised and had a blast picking out outfits together with Fauzi and turned the fitting room’s walkway into their fashion runway.

Donning their chosen outfits together for the Segway Tour, they headed over to meet Abdillah’s friends. Eight mission cards were presented to them where they had to complete the missions together at various pit-stops around Singapore’s prominent landmarks. They zoomed around Singapore’s city on their Segway and completed all their missions with flying colours!

To end off his special day, they headed to his favourite restaurant, Swensens, to meet up with Abdillah’s family where they enjoyed a good meal. He was surprised with a cake, where everyone sang “Happy Wish Day” to Abdillah and enveloped him with hugs and instant photo-taking session to bring home for the memory jar. He was also gifted a goodie bag that includes a brand new backpack and a customised frisbee because it’s his favourite sport.

Abdillah’s wish was a memorable experience for him and his friends who joined him as he explored Singapore’s city. It gave him an opportunity to be a teenager again and spend time with his close friends and explore Singapore’s city. Now, with a renewed energy, Abdillah is excited for what lies ahead.

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