• I wish to have a Iron Man party

  • Iron Man... Meet Iron Man

  • And Captain America

  • Special Guest Star - Can you guess who?

  • Me Hulk!

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Azri's Wish – Granted on 28 May 2016

“I wish to have a Iron Man party”

After Azri’s family was informed that he had Fallot’s Tetrology, which is a congenital heart defect, Azri had to undergo surgery in 2009, spending the last eight years battling his illness bravely.

To say that Azri loves Iron Man is an understatement. He adores all other super heroes, too, and wishes to be one.

With his 9th birthday coming up in June 2016, Azri’s wish was to have a birthday celebration in a true superhero style! Especially when he had never had a birthday celebration before!

What better way to emabark on the wish journey than to surprise Azri and his family with tickets to catch the new Captain America movie.

A team of wish-granting volunteers “collaborated” with Azri’s mother to surprise the kids at the theatre with seats to catch the film in 3D and of course, with popcorn!

Weeks before his big day, Azri was invited to a costume store where he got to pick out his favorite superhero get-up! With anticipation building up, our volunteer wish granters were excited to put together the nitty-gritty for his BIG day.

On Azri’s actual wish day, the dedicated wish granters prepared superhero-related items including an official invite, cookies, jell-o, and cake, all in a true superhero style.

The team of wish granters also organised games like Superhero Bingo, ‘Guess the superheroes & villains’ and ‘Pin the Star on Captain America's Shield for everyone – what a blast!

Whisked to a Super Heroes–themed café, Azri got to suit up in his very own Iron Man costume.

Surprised by the superhero mascots around, our little wish boy also has his own hero - Taufik Batista. Little did Azri know that there was going to be a palpable surprise and more excitement when Taufik appeared at the very moment when his family and friends were singing the Happy Birthday song! Instead, he had been told before the party that his superhero, Taufik was travelling and could not make an appearance, so a personalized video had been made especially for him to keep.

Azri went home that evening with a ton of gifts and surprises, full of memories to last a lifetime.

Azri was referred to Make-A-Wish Foundation Singapore by his mother and Club Rainbow.

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