• I wish to have a party with Dinosaurs & a fun-filled day playing with them!

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Lia's Wish

“I wish to have a party with Dinosaurs & a fun-filled day playing with them!”

6-year-old Lia has a huge love for dinosaurs. She has a dinosaur encyclopedia, she knows the name of all her favourite dinosaurs and would introduce her dinosaur toys enthusiastically to our wish granters when they visit her. Naturally, when asked about her one true wish, Lia wished for a party with dinosaurs and have a fun-filled day playing with them!

A week leading up to her wish day, Lia was presented with dinosaur games and a mini dinosaur egg excavation activity to keep her excited for what’s to come! She was also given her very own special dino onesie, which she wore on her wish day.

To start off her wish day, Lia and her family were picked up by an arranged transport to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum that has real dinosaur fossils. Lia also invited her friends to join her and her family for a private tour around the museum.

After touring around the exhibits and learning more about dinosaurs, Lia was surprised with a dinosaur party! It was filled with fun and exciting dinosaur-themed activities such as dino balloon sculpting and face painting, mini dino hunt, dino egg digging and dino magic show. We also prepared a huge dinosaur cake and dino party packs for Lia and her friends.

At the end of the party, Lia was presented with another grand surprise - 5 tickets to get up close and personal with the prehistoric creatures in Walking with Dinosaurs! Lia was greeted by the director, Ian Waller, and was presented with amazing Walking with Dinosaurs merchandise. Lia also scored an exclusive backstage pass to see and touch the dinosaurs and learn more about them!

Lia had the biggest smile on her face the entire day and her family was delighted to see her filled with so much joy and experience a worry-free moment together.

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