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Raphael's Wish – Granted on 24 Jul 2016

“I wish to have a Nerf war party”

Raphael is an active and endearing nine-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia nearly two years ago. Upon completion of 18 months of intensive treatment, Raphael’s one true wish is to have a Nerf War Death Match for his birthday.

When our Wish Granters first met Raphael, he was shy but warmed up quickly when the conversations turned to nerf guns and nerf wars. He knew exactly the ‘kind of war’ he wants and dished out endless rules for his Death Match.

A week before the actual Nerf War Party, our Wish Granters and staff from Make-A-Wish surprised Raphael and his classmates with a Nerf War Bootcamp in school. Obstacle courses were laid out in the school hall – requiring these ‘army trainees’ to cross the hurdles and take aim at life-sized cardboard targets. The children were all game and took on the challenges eagerly!

The real party unfolded on 24 July 2016 for Captain Raphael. Through a video briefing, Commander Chaar informed Captain Raphael that their base had been invaded and it was of utmost urgency for him to take back their base! A large convoy of Land Rovers was dispatched to take Captain Raphael and his comrades to the battle ground in the shortest time possible. Before setting off, Logistics Officer Ping presented Captain Raphael with three sets of heavy artillery to prepare him for the war ahead.

Known to many for being a courageous fighter, Captain Raphael received a rousing welcome upon his arrival at the base. Marching to the battle ground, Captain Raphael met his Base Commander Nicholas and, together with his comrades, were all ready to take back his base! A battle ensued and Captain Raphael clearly emerged a winner for defusing the bomb in time, taking back the base and protecting a secret document within. For his acts of valour, Captain Raphael was accorded the highest honour - Champion Fighter.He was also presented with a personalised Medal of Bravery!

Following the victory, a grand celebration with over 100 guests was held for Captain Raphael and his comrades.

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