• I wish to have a Spiderman party

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Xavier's Wish – Granted on 03 Feb 2018

“I wish to have a Spiderman party”

4 years old Xavier is a fun-loving boy, who gets excited when you talk about his favourite subject, Spider-Man. From our visit, it was clear that his wish was a Spider-Man party! As he loves animals too, we planned a visit to the SEA aquarium and Adventure Cove, for his wish anticipation.

On Xavier’s wish day, we planned a full programme of activities, which included face painting, balloon sculpturing, kiddy-car rides and a bubble show. A Spider-Man balloon themed arch was also specially customized for Xavier. The main highlight of Xavier’s wish was when Xavier met two Spider-Man cosplayers, who surprised Xavier by appearing next to him. They played some games together, and when it was time to unveil his Spider-Man cake, everyone sang a birthday song for him.

It was evident from Xavier’s face that he truly enjoyed his wish day. Mementos were given to Xavier and his family for them to remember their experiences on his wish day.

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