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A Wish's Power!

What do you do on a regular Sunday morning?

Do you savour the very last bit of your weekend by lazing in bed a bit longer or do you wake early so that you can make the full use of your day?

I am usually the former but I had the honour of spending my Sunday with our wish child, Sage in his visit to the Lego office.

Sage is a cheerful 12-year-old boy who is crazy about Lego. If he could, he would spend hours on end to think of more ideas for his Lego creation. It does help that he has his older brother as a sidekick.

Unlike other 12 years olds, Sage has already gone through his 2nd liver transplant. When our wish granters spoke to him, he would lift his shirt candidly to show his scars from previous operations.

When the time comes for him to decide on his wish, it was no surprise when he said he wanted to be a Lego designer.

And with the help of our wish granters and Lego Singapore, not only were we able to make his dreams come through but we also managed to invite Lego designer, Marcos Bessa to Singapore to "interview and hire" Sage for a project to build a spaceship.

To prepare for his job assignment, Sage prepared his resume, which contained information on past Lego models that he has built, his favourite food and colour.

On this wish day, he held his resume such pride and presented it to his “boss” Marcos Bessa.

After his “interview” and “hiring” process, Sage was presented with an official letter of appointment and a staff ID badge and proceeded for an induction tour of the Lego office. His excitement was palpable and he was asking questions on the Lego displays peppered throughout the office.

He then started on his design process with his brother and Marcos. It was impossible to wipe his wide smile off his face.

His building session was extremely successful as he managed to build half a spaceship in just 2 hours, and he held up their creation proudly at the end of the session.

What happened next was something we didn’t expect! With the generosity of Lego, Sage was given 4 big boxes of loose Lego pieces for his build and in addition to that, he got 10 boxes of Star Wars Lego and a discontinued set designed by Marcos himself.

With his loot from Lego and with the help of his brother, Sage completed his built of 5 spaceships in 5 weeks as part of his job requirements. This was part of the challenged set by Boss Marcos.

The unadulterated joy from Sage’s face made my Sunday and for the first time, I could truly understand the power of a wish.

Very often, when a child is being treated for a life-threatening disease, their childhood experiences will deviate from normalcy. And when a wish is granted, it will not only give them hope and joy but also bring a family closer together.

At Make-A-Wish Singapore, we would like to reach out to more children like Sage. If you know of a child with a life-threatening condition, please refer them here - http://www.makeawish.org.sg/en/refer-a-child

Apple Lee
Community Engagement Manager