• I wish to have a stander

  • With his best friend and sister

  • Special backstage pass

  • Say Hi and Wave to the Camera

  • Big Feast Time

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Nigel's Wish – Granted on 11 Sep 2016

“I wish to have a stander”

It was a bright and much anticipated day for Nigel as he is set to realise his wish of having a stander and using it to meet Barney in person.

Due to his cerebral palsy condition, Nigel and his family had requested for a stander for increased support and mobility. A closely knitted family, his supportive parents and doting twin sister helped eased Nigel into his new stander.

Eager to meet Barney quickly, Nigel was anxious for his family to leave immediately for MediaCorp - the next destination where he will get to meet his favourite character – Barney.

At Mediacorp, the upbeat and elated boy played with his dad whilst waiting for the show to commence.

Two surprises were planned for Nigel - The Meet and Greet session with Barney and a giant Barney plush toy gift. Despite a great start earlier, the wish granters were apprehensive and initially worried that the show’s loud music would scare Nigel, resulting in him throwing tantrums.

To everyone’s relief, Nigel was fine and reacted positively when the show begun. Clapping merrily, he sat upright and even counted down together with Barney. Once the show ended, the entire theatre was cleared to make way for the Meet and Greet. A giant-sized Barney plush toy was presented to Nigel and he excitedly reached out to touch Barney and the other characters.

After the meet and greet, the wish granters bought Nigel and his family to a restaurant in Orchard Road for a sumptuous lunch. Though tired, Nigel appeared upset to learn that his wish day had ended and was reluctant to go home. It was indeed a heart-warming and moving day for all the wish granters to witness Nigel’s joy and how much he and his family enjoyed their 'first concert' and delectable lunch treat.

I wish to have a comfortable gaming and study space!

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“I want to visit Universal Studios Japan with my cousins!”

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