• I wish to cook for my family!

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Glenis's Wish

“I wish to cook for my family!”

Glenis loves her father and grandmother’s cooking and has always wanted to learn how to cook. Therefore, it came as no surprise that when we asked her what her one true wish was, she knew exactly what she wanted – to cook for her

Together with the help of celebrity chef Eric Teo, we turned her dream into reality. Before her wish day, Chef Eric Teo made a surprise visit to Glenis’ home to discuss the menu and we presented Glenis with her own chef's hat and apron.

On her wish day, Glenis and her family gathered at Marina Mandarin Hotel. With the chef’s help and her father as her assistant, they cooked her favourite dishes, Sweet Sour Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Fried Rice and Nonya Chap Chye. Glenis had the time of her life cooking and serving a delicious feast for her family while asking lots of questions along the way.

Under the impression that she would only be spending the day cooking for her family, Glenis was completely surprised when one of her favourite singers, Sherraine Law joined the dinner and received a video message from another one of
her favourite singers, Lee Pei Fen, who wished her all the best.

Glenis was presented with a certificate of achievement, a chef apron with Chef Eric’s logo, a recipe book of the dishes she learned as well as a very special chef hat that Chef Eric won while representing Singapore in an international culinary

With a smile that lit the whole room, Glenis’ wish came true.

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