• I wish for a pacer to step forward

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Gladys's Wish

“I wish for a pacer to step forward”

For 11-year-old Gladys, her wish was to have her own pacer to be able to move around independently and explore the world. Despite her condition, Gladys enjoys being in water and cool places, and especially liked being brought outdoors to explore parks in her buggy.

As she waits for her specially designed pacer to be unveiled, Gladys and her family spent a day at Gardens by the Bay to celebrate her birthday just the way she likes it, and she was especially fond of the waterfall where she felt the cool mist from.

Gladys’ wish day started with her favourite food for lunch before she and her family were whisked off to a surprise overnight stay in Sentosa. They were pleasantly surprised by the large room that came with a private pool and jacuzzi, and Gladys was overjoyed to find her newly fitted pacer waiting for her as well. She was quick to explore the room in it while everyone looked on excitedly and went around the resort the very next day.

A big thank you to the team at Equarius Hotel and Beach Villas for the amazing experience for Gladys and her family.

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