• I wish to meet the Nightowlcinematics YouTubers and do a slime-making video with them

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Juno's Wish – Granted on 22 Sep 2018

“I wish to meet the Nightowlcinematics YouTubers and do a slime-making video with them”

Juno is a soft-spoken 9-year-old girl who loves to shoot videos and make slime. She has her own YouTube channel where she uploads videos on slime-making. While she was hospitalized, Juno watches NOC YouTube videos to pass the time, and that was when she became a huge fan. As such, it was without a doubt that her wish was to meet the NOC YouTubers to shoot a slime-making video with them.
To prepare Juno for her upcoming wish day, Juno’s wish granters brought her shopping at Spotlight and Art Friend, where she spent 2 hours choosing and buying the materials needed to make slime. She was then taught to use Adobe Premiere Pro; a video-editing software, so that she could learn to edit her videos before posting them on her YouTube channel. Juno is a keen and fast learner; she picked up many tips and tricks during the lesson and even tried teaching her brother after that!

When Juno’s wish day arrived, she was warmly welcomed at NOC’s office by Virus, who was one of NOC’s cast. She was soon whisked away for an office tour, and the main cast of NOC; Ryan, Aiken and Dee Kosh surprised her through the back door. Juno was so elated to see her favourite YouTubers that she could not stop grinning from ear to ear. After that, everyone gathered around to start the filming of the video, where Juno gave instructions on making slime. She was later asked to evaluate who made the best slime by awarding the cast members with “stars”; following the way how food is judged in “Food King”, which was Juno’s favourite video by NOC. The day ended with the NOC cast surprising Juno with a camera to start her on her own slime and video-making journey!

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