• I wish to have a beach party on my birthday

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Meeka's Wish – Granted on 25 Feb 2018

“I wish to have a beach party on my birthday”

Meeka is a sweet and loveable young lady who is living with MELAS, Mitochondrial Encephalopathy syndrome, a condition that affects many parts of the body's systems, particularly the brain, nervous system and muscles. However, this princess is also a tough warrior and has not let this diagnosis define her life. She has a sparkling attitude towards life and a bright smile to match.

Though unable to speak or walk, Meeka expressed through written words on a notepad that she wished for a birthday party on the beach – something she had always wanted but never got to do. We did everything we could to make her birthday party an unforgettable one! Meeka was also very much involved in the planning process and a great help. She finalized her guest list, decided on the colour theme, picked out invitation designs and also indicated how she would like her birthday cake to look like.

On the party day, a luxurious tent on the beach was setup, filled with balloons, pillows, rugs and streamers – just as Meeka wanted. A magic show, delicious food and dessert was specially catered for her 120 guests. Meeka was a princess for the day; a dainty tiara rested on her head. Party guests were clamouring for a picture with this beautiful birthday girl. Meeka retired for the night at a hotel nearby with her family.

We hope Meeka enjoyed the first and most lavish beach party we have thrown. Thanks for having us at your party, Meeka!

This wish was adopted and funded by the generous people of Lladro.

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