• I wish to have a staycation in Sentosa

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Nayumie's Wish – Granted on 26 Jan 2018

“I wish to have a staycation in Sentosa”

A brave and bubbly girl, it is hard to imagine that Nayumie just underwent a successful kidney transplant just last October.

Diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure at birth, she spend a lot of her childhood in hospitals, on daily 12-hour dialysis until most recently in October, where she received a successful kidney transplant from her father.

Nayumie’s has longed to go to Sentosa but she was never able to go due to sudden changes in her condition. In fact, her wish itself was initially scheduled for mid-November, but again, she was hospitalized the day before.

To keep her spirits up, volunteers at Make-A-Wish kept Nayumie heavily involved in planning her wish – choosing which hotel (Festive Hotel), which room (must have bath tub and a double decker bed) and exactly which activities she wanted to go for. In fact, her entire itinerary was planned by her while she was recovering from her transplant:

Day 1: Trick Eye Museum + rest in hotel
Day 2: VIP tour at Universal Studios Singapore to meet the Madagascar penguins
Day 3: Baking class to make chocolate chip cookies

Nayumie was finally in stable condition and able to go for her staycation. Raring to go for her staycation, she and her family had a blast during her 3 days 2 night adventure!

This wish was granted on 26 January 2018.

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