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Imranul's Wish – Granted on 28 Nov 2016

“I wish to be a bird doctor”

Imranul, aged 11, suffered from chronic myeloid leukaemia and underwent a bone marrow transplant last year. A smart and inquisitive boy, his favourite animals are birds and he aspires to become a bird doctor when he grows up.

When the wish granters ‘tested’ his knowledge of birds, Imran passed with ying colours and received a “Master of Veterinary Studies” degree, a pair of doctor scrubs and a stethoscope to prepare him for his wish realization. His doting family and sister also gamely donned their scrubs and play along with Imranul in his make-believe role of a bird doctor.

On his wish realization day, “Dr. Imran” went to Jurong Bird Park’s Avian Hospital (who granted a special one-time access) where he was presented with his very own keeper uniform, complete with a ‘Junior Vet’ badge. He even went up close with a penguin, parrots and an owl, and performed “surgery to bandage a broken wing” on a stuffed toy.

The animal lover was overjoyed to handfeed a baby parrot and befriended a beautiful blue and yellow macaw, who also painted for “Dr Imran” and his sister. His wish granters made Imranul day with a ‘Happy Wish Day’ chocolate cake and a huge LEGO® DUPLO® Around the World (Animals toy set).

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