• I wish to fly an aeroplane simulator

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Lutfil's Wish – Granted on 18 Feb 2019

“I wish to fly an aeroplane simulator”

independent and cheerful boy, Lutfil has been a huge fan of planes since young and always dream of becoming a pilot.

On his wish day, together with Airbus Asia Training Centre (AATC) and Singapore Airline Training Centre (STC), Lutfil was given a customised pilot uniform and cap. He toured around AATC, had a briefing session with a pilot and then flew the simulator together and even had his parents and brother as passengers! Lutfil was presented with a certificate before the SIA pilots then came by to pick him up and continued his training with lessons in a classroom and practical lessons that included emergency practices such as dry and wet evacuation as well as fire situations on board. To end the day, Lutfil received his pilot wings from SIA and lots of gifts from AATC, STC and Make-A-Wish.

A huge thanks to Airbus Asia Training Centre, Singapore Airline Training Centre and Singapore Airlines for going the extra mile and creating such a wonderful experience for Lutfil!

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