• I wish to have an art jamming session

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Chevelle's Wish

“I wish to have an art jamming session”

Chevelle is an endearing 7-year-old girl who enjoys art & craft, colouring and playtime with her siblings. Her wish was to have a fun art jamming session with her family, so we arranged for Chevelle and her family to art jam at Arteastiq.

To prepare her for the art jamming session, we surprised Chevelle with a shopping spree at ArtFriend for craft materials. She was fascinated by the comprehensive selection of art and craft supplies, and had an enjoyable time selecting craft materials including her very first set of paint and paintbrushes! Using the craft materials bought, Chevelle unleashed her creativity and designed a scrapbook together to record down her wish journey. She was also introduced to the basics of painting to prepare her for D-day!

When Chevelle’s wish day arrived, she could hardly contain her excitement! At Arteastiq, she enthusiastically painted her favourite cartoon characters such as Gecko from PJ Masks and Mickey Mouse. Chevelle and her family had a memorable afternoon together, and headed home with their beautiful canvas art paintings and wide smiles on their faces.

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